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29 May Workshop on Climate Change
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Workshop on Climate ChangeCelebrating Fair TRADE DAY at SANA HASTAKALA -29th May,2022The World Fair Trade Day is a global celebration on the second Saturday of May. It is organized annually by the Wo..
23 Nov Sana Hastakala Yearly Staff Meeting
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On 23rd November Sana Hastakala organized yearly staff meeting at The Entrance Café where in house producers and staff had actively participated. We are happy to share that Sana Hastakala is celebrati..
22 Dec IEC Student Visited Our Production Office
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1. On 12th December 2022, IEC: College of Art & Fashion Students visited our production office at Khariko Bot, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. We were happy to see that young generations are more keen to learn ..
01 Feb Attended Exhibitions
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1.  On 11th June 2022, We participated in Fair Trade Trade Fair Exhibition which was organized by FTGN at Yak Palace, Pulchowk Lalitpur. Where Joint Display was also done by FTGN member organizations...
01 Mar Design Competition organized by FTG
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With the covid-19 pandemic, global economy continued to face crisis and this has hit hard Fair Trade too. Fair Trade in itself is unique in its business and production modality unlike non-Fair Trade, ..
09 Mar Celebration of International Women's Day at Office
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On 9th March 2022, we all celebrated International Women’s Day where we also organized the program. The program theme was “LOVE SCRAP.”  Before 2 weeks of the program, we had informed to all our produ..
11 Nov Covid Health and Safety at WorkPlace
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Covid Health and Safety at WorkPlace Orientation and Yoga ProgramEveryone were having busy schedule but were living happy life. There wasn’t any barrier in any work or place before pandemic days. But ..
17 Mar International Women's Day 2023
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We Sana Hastakala, together with the global community of Fair Trade Enterprises are fighting for Gender Justice today, each and everyday. #SHE LEADS THE WAY #INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY #GENDER JUSTICE ..
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