On 9th March 2022, we all celebrated International Women’s Day where we also organized the program. The program theme was “LOVE SCRAP.”  Before 2 weeks of the program, we had informed to all our producers to make something incredible from their own thought using leftover products. All our producers actively participated and created amazing products. All our producers have experience of more than 10 years. There were 22 number of participants.

                                                                         Products made by Participants


     And our three judges :

                    1. Ms. Usha Pun Magar (In-house Designer)

                    2. Mrs. Meera Shakya   (Ex- Production                            


                    3. Mrs. Bimala Shrestha (Production Incharge)


Our chief guest were:

1.  Mrs. Leela Karmacharya (Board Member)

2.  Mr. Ramesh Thapa (CEO)

3.  Mrs. Ramila Sharma (Production Manager)

4.  Mrs. Rojina Thapa (Export Communication                                                    


We displayed all the products on the table attaching serial number and product’s name on it. Our judges gave the point on the basis of product theme. After the calculation of the point, there was three participant who stood First, Second and Third. We also provided reward to the winners.

1.  Sanu Maiya Thapa Rai (First- Tote Bag from cut          


2.   Durga Maharjan (Second- Cut piece Pouch)

3.   Sanu Amatya (Third- Dhaka patch Tote Bag)




                                                       Judges and Chief Guest with Winners 


                                                            Some of the Pictures


                                                                                                                  Top Product


                                                                           Product made by the Winners




It was a great experience and fun too for all of us. It was a first time that we organized such kind of program. This program will also help for our upcoming days. The learning’s that we have learned from the office will help a lot after the working days too. “She leads the way” is the best statement. Our work encourage us to pave our own way and do something better in life. Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. In upcoming years  also, we will organize like this kind of the program and try to do better than this.