Workshop on Climate Change


-29th May,2022

The World Fair Trade Day is a global celebration on the second Saturday of May. It is organized annually by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) to raise awareness on alternative solutions to the planet’s economic and ecological challenges. The 2022 celebration focuses on Climate Justice and the solutions presented by the Fair Trade, cooperative and organic movements. The ecological and social justice crisis we are currently facing must be address with fresh solutions. Together we can make a difference.


On 13th May, local election was held in Nepal that’s why we were not able to celebrate World Fair Trade Day properly. So we have captured some of the pictures with artisans. Got involved. Joined the global action for Climate Justice on social media as per the theme. Raised hands for Climate Justice. #LetsDoItFair #ClimateJusticeNow

Join the World Fair Trade Day celebration




On Sunday 29th May 2022, A small program was organized to celebrate Fair Trade Day at the office where Workshop on Climate Change was done which was presented by our export communication manager Mrs. Rojina Thapa.

The role of climate communication can be done by presenting it in a unique way using case studies and examples. Where we have understood climate change in a more personal way that correlates with our daily lives and activities and was easy to understand what we can correlate. However, people of different ages, genders and profession have different levels of understanding.

We are directly or indirectly affected by climate change. There are one or more reasons to understand and act on climate change. Links can be long or short, small or large. The chains are connected in different ways. We are connected, whether we are the culprit or not.

Climate change has also adversely affected in our Fair Trade organization.


-      Flight/shipping delay

due to bad or extreme weather flight get delayed or canceled

One study shows that meteorological shocks such as rain, snow, and wind have a significant impact on departure delays within the US aviation system

-        Economic loss

Can't repay the loan due to flood damage in industry or factory.

In Nepal the number of natural disasters and their corresponding casualties, injuries, victims, and economic damage is steadily increasing.

 Land Choice

Land choices based on drinking water and irrigation water are not available


1: We need to act now!                       

The first part of the act is to learn

As per the discussion with team members most of us thought that weather and climate is same term but it’s different.


On this Fair Trade Day, we raise our hands not just to celebrate but also raise our hands to advocate and find sustainable solutions to climate change. Giving sustainable livelihoods in our way of promoting Climate Justice to increase people’s resilience. We all producers and staff have agreed to start to aim for Climate Justice from home and workplace. We will focus mainly on recycle and reuse.


Let us work together for the Climate Justice let us contribute to make a better world for generation to come, let us all do it fair and green.