Covid Health and Safety at WorkPlace Orientation and Yoga Program

Everyone were having busy schedule but were living happy life. There wasn’t any barrier in any work or place before pandemic days. But during and after pandemic everything has been changed. Everyone has to follow safety measures of covid and have to face lots of problems. Keeping in mind our buyer GEPA and cooperation project with MISEREOR provided covid-19 fund from where our in-house producers and staff got help. On the date 11th November, 2021 our organization organized the program. We were able to provide at least 2 packets of mask and some amount to each members of an organization. With the help of GEPA we were also able to organize orientation program on Covid Health and Safety and Yoga Program at Workplace. Where Dr.Sunar shared us his knowledge and experience regarding Covid and safety measures whereas Yoga tutor shared us basic yoga that we can practice in daily basis. During that event our members also shared their issues and experiences regarding their health and covid period. Nowadays also we follow the learning’s that we have learned at that time. The program was very effectful for all of us. We all are very thankful to GEPA and cooperation project with MISEREOR for the help and showing positive attitude towards us.


                            Some of the Pictures during the program: