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Earthenware Ceramics: Everest Pottery

In 1989 Mr. Shiva Prajapati opened Everest Pottery, adopting the famous name of the world’s tallest mountain. Five years later it began working with Sana Hastakala and has been pleased with their relationship ever since. As a family business, Everest Pottery maintains traditional techniques of Nepalese pottery.

Working at a small scale in Thimi, Nepal (only ten employees–five women and five men) Everest Pottery produces glazed and terra cotta ceramics. With a focus on tableware, such as mugs and plates, they are able to focus their production on what they do best. Their beautiful products are lead free and safe for both the microwave and dishwasher. It is no wonder they are popular in foreign markets. Everest Pottery’s earthenware products are handcrafted works of art.

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