Celebrating 25 Yrs of Service to a Small and Marginalized Craft Producers

This is our great pleasure to share with you that Sana Hastakala is going to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary ( Silver Jubilee) this year with different activities. We would like to Thank all our Staffs, Producers,   Stakeholders and well wishers on who have supported us always and we hope that we will be able to provide you with the same for many more years to come.

The major event will be from 10th to 20th September 2014.

On 10th September : Open House- New product launch
Venue: Sana Hastakala Showroom, Kopundole

On 12th September: Interaction program with Fair Trade Group Members, Buyers and Producers
Venue: Yala Maya Kendra, Patandhoka

On 20th September : Main Silver Jubilee event where we are going to recognize different organizations and people who have supported Sana Hastakala 
Venue: Hotel Himalaya, Kopundole

Sana Hastakala Family