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Pashmina: Shree Mahila Utthan Pashmina Udhyog

With more than 20 years of experience, Shree Mahila Utthan Pashmina Udhyog (SMUPU) is a respected name in the handcrafted pashmina (cashmere) industry. Mr. Dhundi Prasad Bhattachan is the owner of SMUPU, which is located in Kathmandu and has 30 employees, 50% of which are women. From processing raw wool to weaving and dying, SMUPU’s skilled employees handcraft all of their beautiful pashmina products. Sana Hastakala has worked with SMUPU for almost all of its 20 years and looks forward to the next 20 plus years.

Only real pashmina is used by SMUPU. In a world full of imitations, ensuring their product is authentic is a top priority. The results from lab tests confirm that their yarn is 97 to 99.5% pure pashmina. Scientifically impressive, yes, but the real test is by touch. Uncommonly soft and completely customizable, it is no mystery why pashmina is a favorite in Nepal and abroad.

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