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4 in 1 Rope Incense

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Experience daily worship and meditation with our all-natural rope incense blends, wrapped in Nepalese lokta paper. Includes four fragrances and a handmade terracotta tortoise incense burner in a compact gift box.

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Product Description

Rope incense is generally use daily worship and meditation. The incenses are prepared with all natural leaves, spices and aromatic tree barks that are blended together in uniform quality to make a high quality incense.

The incenses are wrapped in a Nepalese lokta paper box in a separate lokta paper pouch. The individually wrapped incenses are as follows:

1. Ganesh-Juniper, Cardamon
2. Austasuganda-Kumkum, Valarian, Liquorice
3. Krishna-Sandalwood, Holy basil, Cardamon
4. Karma-Kud, Agur and Saldhoop

The gift pack also contains handmade 2″ terracotta tortoise incense burner.

Box Size: 13x13cm
Total incense in a gift box: 15×4=60

Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs